The “Evaluation of Antigens for Diagnosis and Vaccination in Leishmaniasis” course will start with an Open symposium on Leishmaniasis Vaccines which will be followed by a theoretical/practical course. The course aims to provide an overview on leishmaniasis and will focus on knowledge related to vaccine and diagnostic development.

The following Topics will be treated in the Summer School:
- Burden of the disease; 
- Pathogenesis;
- Human and Canine leishmaniasis; 
- Immunology;
- Regulatory aspect in vaccine development;
- Vaccine development;
- Diagnostic development.
Lectures will be held in English.

The course will be conducted at National Centre for Microbiology, of the Instituto de Salud Carlos, Majadahonda, Spain. Free lunch and free coffee break will be provided from Monday 21st Sept. through Friday 25th Sept. Social dinner will also be offered to the participants.
The other meals and the accommodation will be at participants’ own expenses. 
A list of suitable hotels with a special rate for the summer school attendees, will be provided to the participants upon request.

How to apply
The Announcement of the Summer School on Fundamentals of Leishmaniasis, are available at the address

Applicants are also invited to send their CV at the following email address:

The closing date for receipt of applications is 01 September 2015. 

Receipt of your CV will be acknowledged within two working days after receipt. CV not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted. 

Applicants are fully responsible for ensuring that their CV are received and acknowledged prior to the deadline. If an application is not received by the deadline, it will not be acknowledged and therefore not reviewed.

The evaluation and selection of candidates will be performed by the Course Selection Panel who will shortlist a maximum of 15 candidates on the basis of their application and reference. A short telephone interview may be held with the shortlisted candidates and members of the Course Selection Panel in order to select the final participants.

Elegibility Criteria
To be eligible to attend the course, candidates must be working in an European Union or Associated Member State, or be working in a project funded by the European Commission.  Participants should have experience dealing within any aspect of tropical medicine, parasitology, global health or vaccine development, as  well as those who can demonstrate that the course would be of benefit to them and their organization. Candidates should also possess a BSc or MSc, or have demonstrable global health-related research experience.
In addition all applicants must provide a letter of reference from their supervisor.

Admission to the Summer School on Fundamentals of Leishmaniasis will take place after the evaluation of the curricula presented by each applicant before the deadline of 01 September 2015. 
Qualifications in the following categories shall be evaluated: 
University diplomas and other academic degrees; 
Specialization certificates and Professional qualifications;
Other diplomas; 
Publications written dealing the subjects of study of the Summer School.
Applicants having 35 years old or younger.

Etna Biotech S.r.l. wil notify all selected applicants by one of the following means: regular mail; email; FAX.

Organizing Committee
Rhea Coler, IDRI, US
Anabela Cordeiro da Silva, IBMC, Portugal
Javier Moreno, ISCIII, Spain
Eugenia Carrillo, ISCII, Spain
Epifanio Fichera, Etna Biotech , Italy
Reinhard Glueck, Etna Biotech, Italy

Reinhard Glueck, Etna Biotech S.r.l. (Italy)
Epifanio Fichera, Etna Biotech S.r.l. (Italy)
Jorge Alvar, DNDi (Switzerland)
Manuel Fresno, CBMSO-UAM (Spain)
Steve Reed, IDRI, (US)
Rhea Coler IDRI (US)
Jesus Valenzuela, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (US)
Jose María Requena, CBMSO-UAM (Spain)
Pedro Cecilio, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (Portugal)
Carla Lima, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (Portugal)
Anabela Cordeiro da Silva , Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (Portugal)
Javier Moreno, Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Spain)
Eugenia Carrillo, Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Spain)

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