Multivalent Vaccine for Human Visceral Leishmaniasis

MuLeVaClin is a EU supported research project aimed at developing a vaccine to prevent Leishmaniasis, which, among the parasitic diseases, is second only to malaria in terms of impact. While mainly prevalent in India, Bangladesh, Sudan, Ethiopia and Latin America, the incidence of this disease is also on the rise in Europe, particularly in Italy, Albania, Greece and Spain. The funding by the European Commission's Framework Programme 7 has enabled eight partners from across Europe to come together to form the consortium behind MuLeVaClin, being coordinated by Etna Biotech.

The research project, called MuLeVaClin, has received approval for funding by the European Commission and is the recipient of the only European grant for Leishmania vaccine research this year. MuLeVaClin aims to establish two lines of protection against natural infection simulating a natural infection cycle of Leishmania in order to efficiently block vector transmission and infection of the human host. For this purpose MuLeVaClin will introduce a recombinant protein from saliva of the sandfly vector, together with recombinant target antigens from Leishmania infantum in combination with a strong TH1 adjuvant formulated in a Virus Like Particle structure
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